Questions about Drop In Club
Do I have to take part in the programmed activities?

You do not have to take part in activities if you do not want to. The Drop In Club is your place to do what you want. Sometimes volunteers might encourage you to take part in a game or activity, and you can choose whether you want to or not. They won’t mind if you say ‘no’.

Who else will be there?
At each session we have a Session Leader, an Activities Leader and some volunteers. Between 12 and 24 members usually come to each session. Most people who come are between 12 and 35 but some people are older than that. We all have different skills and talents. Over time you will get to know lots of different people.

Do I have to be a Member to come to Drop In Club?
You have to fill in a one-page membership form and disclaimer on your first visit to The Club. Anyone can be a member – just drop in! You can download your membership form here, or pick it up when you first visit:


How will I get there?

There are many buses that stop near The Club (32, 6, 14, 15, 19, 20, 22, 23, s14, sp6, sp6. The Mumford bus terminal is not far away. Parking is at the front, and there are disabled parking bays on the far side of the church.
Some people get the Stock transport bus directly from school to The Club.
Information for people using Access-a-Bus.

What is the price?
The price for Drop In Club is $50 per month for unlimited usage, or $10 per session. If you need a bursary, please contact Alice on 902 478 1917, or email

What if I can’t afford to pay the fee?
If you cannot afford to pay the fee, talk to Alice Evans 902 478 1917 (or email and she will make a plan with you. There may be other ways that you can help out and reduced rates and bursaries are available. We try to make it work for everybody.

Do I need to bring a helper with me?
You will need to bring a support worker, or helper, if you need it for any of these safety reasons:
• If you might leave on your own and this would not be safe for you
• If you might have behavior, or impulse control issues, that would make it unsafe for you or for others
• If you have severe health issues that mean you need to have trained medical support with you at all times.

Some people also choose to bring a helper, but they do not have to have one. Reasons that you might choose to bring extra support are:
• If you would like a helper who knows you well to help you communicate
• If you would like a helper to help you feel confident or less anxious
• If you would like someone that you know well for your personal care needs.
• Many people bring a helper during the first few weeks that they attend, to help them settle in.

Many support/respite workers find that they enjoy the sense of community and working with others. Support workers are a valued part of The Drop In Club. If you are unsure about whether or not you need to bring a helper, please talk to one of our Session Leaders or Alice about it (902) 478 1917.

What if I can’t get up the hill in my wheelchair, or I need assistance coming into the Club?
An elevator for wheelchairs has been installed at the lower entrance. Please ring the door bell or call the Drop In Club on 902 477 6817 and someone will assist you.

How will I know if I like it?
To find out if The Club is something you would enjoy, come along for a free trial. If you need to come for a few free trials before you are sure, call Alice on 902 478 1917 to let us know. When you arrive, one of our Session Leaders will give you a tour and give you a Welcome Package with a membership form for you to complete and have signed by a parent or guardian. The Session Leader and other members will answer your questions.
You can also call Jackie on 902 401 5938 or Alice on 902 478 1917 for more info.

Younger Members
If you are aged 10 to 12 and would like to come to the Drop In Club, please contact us for details, we often have activities that would be suitable. We generally recommend that younger people attend with a support worker. For more information call/text Alice on 902 478 1917.

What if I want to develop a friendship with a volunteer or member outside The Club?
We suggest that you write down your contact details and where you would like to go and when and give it to your new friend, and ask them to do the same. Remember The Club is a safe place to meet, if you want to meet somewhere else then we recommend that you give your friend’s details to someone that you trust and discuss your outing with them.
If you would like to employ someone you meet at The Club to be your support worker then you will need to get their CRC check, references and talk to people who know them to make sure they are a good match. 

Where is The Club?
The Drop In Club, St. James Anglican Church, 2652 Joseph Howe Drive, Halifax.
The Club can be seen from the rotary. Go to the white doorway next to the painted power box.

You can park in front of The Club. There is a disabled parking bay in the Church carpark on the far side of St James Church.

How will I keep in touch with what is going on?
• Join our mailing list to get regular updates about what is going on
• You can pick up a calendar of events from The Club at the beginning of the month
• Our Facebook page has regular updates
• Talk to the Session Leaders and volunteers about what is going on
• If you have a question, and you don’t have a computer, call Alice Evans on 902 478 1917

What if the weather is very bad?
In extreme weather the Club will usually close. We put the safety of our members and volunteers first. We will send out an announcement via Facebook and our email list. If you are not sure if we will be open, call 902 478 1917 or 902 401 5938.

How do I get in touch with Drop In Club directly?
During Drop In Club hours you can call the main phone line: 902 477 6817 to contact a Session Leader or member in case of emergency.

What if I’m very nervous about visiting? 
We can arrange for a special introduction to the Club while it’s closed – half an hour before the session starts. Please contact us for more information and let us know how we can help make it easier for you.

I’m bringing a friend who doesn’t speak English – can you help?
We can book Arabic, Farsi, Mandarin and Nepalese interpreters. Many of our staff speak French, and many of our volunteers speak another language. Contact Jackie on 902 401 5938 for more information.

What else do I need to know?
Always make sure that your membership form is up to date, with the correct contact telephone numbers and information about allergies and medical needs.
Make sure that you let Session Leaders and other members know if you cannot have your photograph shared on social media.
If you have ideas for the way the Club could be better, or any questions about Drop In Club, please call Alice on 902 478 1917, or email