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“I just wanted to let you know that my son had a brilliant time at the camp and was ready for another week! That was the calmest I’ve seen him all summer.  Thanks to everyone there for all their time and support.”

Every year The Club Summer Camp gives over 55 teens and young people access to some of the extraordinary opportunities that make summer time in Nova Scotia special; five weeks of activities, with adventure, exploration and excitement, front and centre.

All Club activities are fully accessible, and the Summer Camps are no exception, so whether it is swimming, acting in a show, hanging out by a lake, playing laser tag, fishing, stroking a snake, or finding out about liquid nitrogen, everyone is included.

“I feel like I have made the best friends of my life. My favourite part was everything!”

Feedback shows us that the experienced Club staff, the attitude of the participants, and the support of families, all lead to an exceptional offering. One that really does make memories to last a life-time.

Registration is now closed. Priority goes to current participants in Club programs.


With special thanks to:

Claude Hamilton

Todd Royale

Jimmy Kanellakos

John Kanellakos

Alex Halef

Keith Sawlor

Derek Foley

Sandra Pike


Halifax Men’s Progress Club

for supporting Summer Camp 2017


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Week 5 Explore Halifax Camper Schedule

Superstar Summer Camp 2017

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