We are very proud of our Club team:

Alice Evans
Alice Evans is Executive Director and Co-founder of The Club Inclusion. Her vision and experience have helped to lead the organization from an initial dream to a sustainable registered charity. Prior to moving to Nova Scotia in 2006, Alice was Director of Westminster Arts, a charity that supports creative activity and wellness for vulnerable people in Central London, UK. Parent to a child with Down syndrome, Alfie, and his brother Noah, Alice has first-hand experience of the societal and personal challenges that can face people with disabilities and their families. In 2017 Alice was nominated for The Harold Crowell Social Innovator Award for her innovative and dedicated efforts in support of her community.

Jackie Rivers
This is the 6th year that we’ve been lucky enough to have Jackie Rivers working as Program Director, running specialist programs with clients from ISANS, managing events and running our Summer Camps. Before joining The Club Inclusion, Jackie created and ran a life skills Camp for adults with disabilities ‘Flying on Your Own’. She majored in Psychology, Sociology & Social Anthropology at Dalhousie University, with a focus in Abnormal NeuroScience. Jackie is Program Director at The Club Inclusion throughout the year and has a wide range of skills and training including Managing Challenging Behaviours, Mental Health First Aid, First Aid and Cultural Diversity Training. Jackie’s dog Sookie is much loved addition to Club, and she’s also able to bring her experience of 13 years as a trained Life Guard. Thanks Jackie for all your work making this Camp Awesome!

Kari Plaggenborg
Kari has worked as part of the Staff and Volunteer Team at The Club Inclusion since 2011. A Dalhousie University Recreation Therapy Student, she also runs her own respite business and supports people with a wide range of abilities.  Kari’s training includes First Aid, Managing Challenging Behaviours and Food Handling. Kari’s specific interests lie in the fields of culinary and community development for people with diverse abilities, playing a key role and leadership in our Supper Clubs and Drop In Club throughout the year.

Justin Eweka
Justin has been a key part of The Club since volunteering at our first programs in 2008. Inspired to get involved with the Club because of his twin sister Jenn, he’s been bringing his own brand of love and laughter to our programs for nearly 10 years!  Justin has his National Level Special Olympic Coaching Certification, 13 years experience as a Special Olympics Soccer Coach, First Aid, training in Managing Challenging Behaviours, Cultural Awareness Training (via ISANS), and was one of seven winners of this year’s United Way of Halifax Bhayana Awards for his commitment and dedication to The Club. Check out Justin in Metro’s Halifax Heroes!

Justin McGarragh
Justin has been involved with theatre and acting for much of his life, with parts in Meet Me in St Louis (in Louisiana), the Neptune Theatre School, and the Youth Production Company. He also took Theatre at Dalhousie University where he majored in Sociology. He combines his theatre skills with a love for activity and inclusive fun. Justin has up to date First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, Managing Challenging Behaviours, and along with Justin Eweka, was a winner of the Bhayana Awards for his commitment to the Club, including creating and producing two professional theatre productions as part of the Stages Festival.

Emily Flinn
Emily started as a volunteer with The Club in 2014 while she was studying Recreation Therapy at Dalhousie University. Since graduating, Emily has been working with the HRM Peninsula Summer Camps as Inclusion Co-ordinator making sure the needs of people with special needs are met in ten different summer camps. Her experience as our Operations Manager for the 2016 Club Camp has contributed to this work. Emily’s passion is supporting individuals with special needs in a recreation setting – making sure everyone is included and fulfilling their potential.

Melinda Dobson
Melinda has run our Wednesday Drop In Session since 2011. A trained Educational Program Assistant for Halifax Regional School Board, Melinda also has her First Aid and Food Safety and Handling Certification, and training in Managing Challenging Behaviours.  Melinda loves to cook and support Club members to bake and socialize in the ways that they choose, bringing her cheery outlook to our Club sessions.

Audrey Samson
Audrey was instrumental in designing and creating our Lunch Club and Supper Club. One of her areas of interest is creating user-led programs that enable participants to learn life-skills and build genuine peer relationships. Her training includes Food Safety and Handling Certification, Managing Challenging Behaviours and First Aid. When not running programs and advising on program development at the Club Audrey also runs the Friday Night Social for the Nova Scotia Down Syndrome Society.

Stephanie Josselyn & Heartsparks Music Therapy
We are lucky to work with Stephanie and the team from Heartsparks Music Therapy in our Halifax and Dartmouth programs. A trained music therapist with specialist skills working with people who have disabilities, Stephanie always brings a smile to the faces of our members and staff. 

DJ Ace
DJ Ace has been bringing his awesome DJ skills and passion for marketing to The Club since 2012. Winner of the 2015 Mel Hebb Award for Exceptional Service, he is keen to share skills and support others, leading DJ skills workshops at The Club and inviting other local DJ’s and artists including hip hop artist Classified.

Adam Johnson
Adam is our Choir Director, leading The Club’s Inclusive Choir at Grace United Church, Dartmouth. Adam’s brings with him many years of experience as a pianist, Choir Director and Music Teacher, leading us in a wide repertoire of music and songs every week.

Additional Summer Camp Staff:
Ceilidh Wright
Ceilidh is studying BioChemistry at Memorial University, and this year made the Deans List of the top 10% of Bachelor of Science Students. This is Ceilidh’s second year with Summer Camp and she brings with her a wealth of professional and personal experience having been a Special Olympics Coach for two years, and a Dunbrack Soccer Coach for four. She also has First Aid, four Special Olympics Coaching Qualifications and Provincial Coaching Certification.  The ‘light of her life’ (Ceilidh’s brother Colin) is taking part in camp as a member this year.

Jamie Parris

Jamie is in her third year of a Recreation Therapy Degree at Dalhousie University. Her passion is physical fitness and helping people realize the benefits of activity no matter their level of interest or ability. She’s taken part in many Fitness Competitions and loves to inspire others to improve their health and wellness. As with all our staff team, Jamie has up to date First Aid.

Jamie Proud
New to Summer Camp this year, Jamie has been volunteering at The Club Inclusion for a year now. Inspired to take part by her step-brother Mitchell, Jamie brings her warm heart and extensive experience as a third year Nursing Student at Dalhousie University to Camp. Jamie loves cats and gardening, sharing her love of growing local fresh produce with all.

Denise Smith
Denise has worked as an Educational Program Assistant with Halifax Regional School Board for over five years. During that time she’s worked with students at Junior High and High School, and for the past two years has been at Westmount Elementary School. Denise has supported young people with a range of abilities and personal care needs for many years, and is a welcome returning face at The Club throughout the year. As well as her experience as an EPA, Denise brings her training in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention and American Sign Language to Camp.

Jessie Tasker
Jessie is the Program Co-ordinator for the Mountability Program at Mount St Vincent’s University “An Inclusive Post-secondary education program that welcomes students with diverse abilities to explore academic interests, engage in life long learning, and make meaningful connections in the Mount Community”. She’s been involved with Equine Therapy, supported many people with different abilities, and this year will start her Bachelor of Education at the Mount.

Evva Rudnicki
With her warm heart and generous spirit, Evva was meant to be a part of The Club Inclusion. She has been a core part of our volunteer team for over two years, and has worked as a support worker for many clients. When she’s not helping others and fundraising for causes in the community, Evva runs her professional dog walking business “Furevva”.

Heather King
Heather is currently studying Practical Nursing at NSCC. Prior to this she has years of experience working as an Education Program Assistant with Halifax Regional School Board. Heather has worked as a support person for youth and adults with a variety of disabilities and in her spare time volunteers with The Club Inclusion. Of the things that Heather enjoys about The Club is that everyone feels included, whether it’s a respite worker, a family member, a volunteer or a participant.

Tom Rivers
Tom is a teacher at a Native Reserve School in Northern Ontario and we’re delighted that he’s going to be returning to Club Camp this year. He specialized in Education and Outdoor Recreation at University and brings so much knowledge and experience with him, including specialist workshop skills. Tom wishes that he could volunteer at The Club year round! We’re excited to welcome back during the last week of Summer Camp.

All our staff have up to date First Aid and Training Specific to The Club Inclusion Camps.

Thank you
At the Progress Club’s Spring Gala this year we were blown away by the actions of a group of people who banded together to make a donation in support of The Club Summer Camp.

Thank you to Claude Hamilton, Todd Royale, Jim Kanellakos, Whipple Smith and family, John Kanellakos and family, JK2, Alex Halef, Keith Sawlor, Derek Foley, Sandra Pike and the Halifax Men’s Progress Club for making our 2017 Summer Camp possible. We are incredibly grateful.