Building community, building friendships, building success...

We all have something special to offer. The Club Inclusion was formed to give people who have different abilities a platform and place to share talents and skills. A place to support each other and build lasting relationships.

Over two hundred people take part in our programs and events in Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. We enrich lives by building friendships, community and success.

Accessible programming for all

We believe it’s important to have meaningful connections in real life, and to be celebrated for your own unique gifts. Club programs are directed by the people who use them – each activity designed to value and truly include us all.

Why we love The Club

“In fewer than three years at Club, our son has found incredible belonging and friendship; immeasurable qualities unattained through the previous years of his life. Yesterday I watched as he laughed and giggled uproariously through almost an hour of Club water games; only one of the numerous activities that he so enjoys. This, from a young man who three years ago had trouble letting someone share a puzzle activity. Club Inclusion is a big reason we now have a whole new son and friend.”

Sue Reeve (parent)

“The Club is my home away from home. It’s a place where I feel safe and where I belong.  Club makes me happy when I feel sad.  If there was no Club I would have no social life. It’s hard for me to make friends, but at Club it’s easy. If there was no Club I would be at home all the time, and probably on the computer too much. Club is family to me.”

Conar Clory (Member)

“I started going to The Club in September because I was doing respite with an amazing young man. Little did I know what an impact it would have on my life and I was not prepared for what I would come into. I came into a family of hundreds who love and support each other at every opportunity, who will stop at nothing to help you and raise each other up every single day.”

Evva Rudnicki (volunteer)